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Hey folks, Epic here bringing you a little social engineering guide about a very unique aspect of social engineering called "e-whoring". I know, even its name is a bit inappropriate. 

Its easy, and can be used to make a lot of money, please note not all content here is mine.

What is it?
E-whoring is sort of like roleplaying or acting taken to a whole new level. You actually function some what like an online prostitute. Its the process of pretending to be a female in order to attract males, you attract said males over the internet, usually through online chats, then you offer money in return for pictures or videos of "yourself".

How successful is it?
Its quite successful, once you get the hang of it, people say they make about "a dollar a minute" and considering you have to do very little, its quite easy. Its not to challenging to attract the "males" and they usually are eager to acquire the product. Once you have a list of paying "customers" built up, its easy to find "work".

What will I need?
  • PayPal
  • Email
  • Chat room
  • MSN or Google Talk or Fake WebCam
  • Pictures/videos of cute girls doing naughty things

How do I do it?
Well, follow these easy steps:

Step One: Creating your Identity

Note: While its important to seem feminine and young, as well as "hot" try not to appear excessively slutty in the creation of your accounts. For example, "xxxsexmaster6969" is not a good choice of name.

Decide on your information, and then write it down. Come up with a full name for your character: first, middle, and last (choose a sexy name, a common one is "Jessica"). Come up with a town you live in, find out the zip code, the state, and things like that. Come up with personal qualities, you'll have to match these to the pictures you use. Hair color, height, size of certain body parts are all important. Then choose some basic "qualities" like your favorite food, movie, and other "small talk" possibilities, also be prepared to answer "sexual small talk", things that you might be asked by a pervert trying to be "sexy".

Make a fake email account, technically the account isn't fake, however the information you input to it is fake. Its widely considered that hotmail is the "sexiest" account, and therefore is often recommended. Aside from that, gmail is also popular. Use all the details from your "persona" you developed earlier, that way everything is matching.

Now you'll need a PayPal account. Once you have your email account go over to and register a Paypal account with your email account. Remember when making a Paypal account you CAN NOT change the name you sign up with it, so make sure you put the same name as your email account. Also, I would go ahead and confirm the email (as you will need to to receive money).

Now you'll need to join the sites where you can find your "targets". You can try Craigslist, MSN, or Meebo. The most popular is

Step 2: Setting Up

You'll need a program such as ManyCam or VLC. Most people prefer ManyCam.

Open MSN and log in. Open ManyCam and select your video. Make sure your PayPal account is ready to receive money.

Go to Chat Avenue/Meebo (or other site) and select adult chat. Type your female name. I suggest you select a sexy name.

First you need to go to settings and do following things:

1. Change your picture to something hot.
2. Enable auto pop-up
3. Turn off annoying messages, but I recommend to put the PM voice to "Bass".

Now here's a few tips:
  • Don't use proper grammar, but don't seem like an immigrant. I'm not racist, I'm just telling you how to make more money.
  • Talk like a girl. You are girl now.
  • Use a lot of "!", "?", "", "" and "<3". This is optional, but it works for me.

Say something like:
19 /f looking for a guy with paypal!!  ill do ANYTHING! ask me for my msn <33

You may need to use the A/S/L format, which is Age/Sex/Location. 
For example you may say:

Thus indicating your age, your gender, and where you live. Of course, this will all be fake.

Within minutes you'll be flooded with PMs asking you to invite them to the MSN chat.

Its recommended you choose an age over that of 18, most pedophiles (and I'm using that term loosely to describe perverted males), no matter how perverted, won't go for someone under 18. 

Here is an example conversation, the red will represent the female/you (the ewhore) and the blue will represent the man.

"19 f :), u?"
"61 m, problem officer?"
"naaah, its fine ;)"
"interested of a webcam show??"
"im really in need of money :(( please!"
"how much"
"offer me, babe"
"im not THAT CHEAP!!, yester day one guy sent me $100 for half an hour!"
"okay 20"
"wanna add me on msn?? :)"
So, its not to hard. Just think of your ideal girl, then combine her with a super slutty girl, and pretend to be that.

Now, once you have received payment, mark him down as a paying customer, some one you know you can get money from again.

You'll now need to give him the show. Either send him pictures of your character. Note that you may need to send some pictures (of the face region, or fully clothed) to coax him in.

If you have set up fake webcam software, such as the one I recommended earlier (ManyCam) or another type which can either be purchased or downloaded illegally from a torrenting site (such as

Go ahead and start up the webcam if you went that route, or keep sending him the pics.

He may try to send you pics/webcams of... himself. While disturbing, just ignore these and know that you're getting paid!

Where do I get pictures and videos?
You can try MyFreeCams for videos, and use a screen recording software (such as the free CamStudio) to record the videos.

You can find pictures on the internet, or on websites like:

Alternatively, you can see the downloads at the very bottom of this entry/post.

What questions should I be prepared for?
how much
Tell him how much you want. Use your common sense here. "offer me, babe" is pretty good answer, but doesn't seem to work with some guys.

what do you mean with anything
Tell him what he wants to hear.

have toys?
Of course! 

what do you look like
I usually show them "myself" for 5-15 seconds on webcam or send a pic not revealing too much.

Just be prepared, and act both slutty and feminine, while trying to preserve some dignity (so the guy doesn't realize you're an e-whore).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make some money!

Some final "pro" tips:
  • Act like a girl
  • Use photos to entice users to join you
  • Don't be shy
  • Look for repeat-customers
  • Create social networking pages for your character like on Facebook or MySpace
  • Create multiple characters, but don't get them confused
  • Create a "character" profile details paper, that is written/printed out just for you to have on your desk so you can quickly answer questions


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